Four Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers

At MaintenX, we have a special appreciation for plumbers. They are the backbone of our services and the backbone of businesses around the United States. Without trusted maintenance technicians, our businesses and commercial buildings would fall apart almost instantly. It is because of the hard work of our plumbers that America is still a great place to do business. 


However, if you’re not familiar with the plumbing trade, there is plenty to learn and appreciate about these technicians. Here are # things you didn’t know about plumbers that may make you appreciate them even more: 


None of our daily routines would be possible without plumbers. 

We often take for granted how well our home and facility’s plumbing systems work. However, you are the beneficiary of their hard work every day when you shower, brush your teeth, clean the dishes, or water your business’ landscaping. Without a trusted plumber by your side, your business would operate entirely differently. 


Commercial kitchen waste can be worse than bathroom waste. 

You may think the worst part about being a plumber would be dealing with a backed-up sewage tank. However, many plumbers report working in commercial kitchens — where grease often gets put down the sink drain — is much worse. It not only causes way more long-term problems but can smell just as bad as restroom waste when it’s been sitting in the pipes for weeks at a time. 


Plumbing can be dangerous.

Most people recognize electrical and roofing technician work as dangerous, but many don’t realize that plumbing work can be equally risky. Pressurized systems in commercial facilities can exert hundreds of pounds of force, and if a part of the system breaks, plumbers are in that line of fire. They also deal with hazardous substances that go in and out of sewage tanks, which means the utmost care to safety and sanitization is needed. Experience and proper training are critical for any type of plumbing work. 


Plumbers make a great living. 

Most people believe that a technical college education isn’t as valuable as a four-year college degree. But, the median base salary for an American plumber is $58,858, with top plumbers making upward of $75,000 annually. This also doesn’t include bonuses, overtime, and potential for highly motivated technicians to open their own business, nor does it include the educational savings of only having to pay for a two-year local education instead of a four-year university degree. If you are looking for a new career path with plenty of room for growth, plumbing may be right for you. 

If you’re interested in advancing your plumbing career with MaintenX, visit our Careers page to find open positions in a city near you.

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