Five Tips For Air Balancing In Your Commercial Facility

At MaintenX, we often consider air balancing one of the most important steps to achieving optimal HVAC performance. While facility managers assume that temperature control or cost savings are top priority, by achieving proper balance, you can keep a comfortable facility at a lower cost. But, what exactly is air balancing, and how do you achieve it? 


What Is Air Balance?

Air balancing is the process of ensuring that the right amount of heated or cooled air is delivered to each room in a facility. For your HVAC technician, this involves testing the air quality room by room and adjusting the system as needed. They measure the temperature, output, and energy used and adjust accordingly to ensure your HVAC system is equally performing across all measures. 


How To Achieve Air Balance

There are many different ways to achieve air balance depending on the size, capacity, and needs of your building. Below are some simple changes you can make to reduce the demand on your HVAC system and achieve a better balance: 

  • Change air filters. Old and dirty air filters can cause problems with indoor air quality, temperature, and so much more. If one area of your facility is struggling with balancing issues, check the filters before calling your HVAC technician. This simple maintenance step can save a lot of time and trouble. 

  • Cover windows. While you may love sunshine while working in the office, overexposure to sunlight can cause your facility to heat up faster. Window treatments can help keep your facility cooler in the summer. Even if you only close them while the facility is unoccupied, you can cut back on high cooling costs with this simple fix. 

  • Look for air leaks and airflow restrictions Cracks in the doors and windows can allow conditioned air to escape outside, or allow air from outside to creep in. Prevent this by calling your MaintenX technician to caulk or seal any cracks in your facility floor space. On the other hand, you could be preventing air from flowing within the facility by blocking air vents. If furniture or appliances are placed close to a vent, it may be causing air balance issues. You can avoid this alternate issue by keeping vents clear of restrictions whenever possible. 

  • Try a 2 degree offset for multi-storied buildings. It’s common knowledge that hot air rises and cold air sinks, but many of us never think about how this impacts our facilities. If you think your upper floors are warmer or the HVAC system is working harder, consider changing the thermostat to accommodate. 

  • Check your thermostat. You typically look to the thermostat to solve comfort issues in a facility. However, if your thermostat isn’t reading correctly, you could be misdiagnosing HVAC issues. The thermostat may not be reading correctly if there is an electronic device close to it, as these can emit a great amount of heat. Ask your HVAC technician during their next inspection if you might be experiencing thermostat issues leading to air imbalance. 


These small adjustments will make a big difference in your HVAC performance and air quality. To learn more about this process, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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