Plumbing Tips for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is fast approaching the Florida coast, which means that facility managers need to start prepping for the rainy season. Windows, roof, and yes, even your plumbing needs protection before a storm. Plumbing systems can become flooded or blocked with debris if a storm is serious. By investing in preventative care, you can avoid costly emergency services on your plumbing system. 


We’ve weathered through the worst of storms at MainteX. Our brave technicians have helped citizens and business owners recover after storms like Hurricane Michael and Irma in the past. We promise to help your facility in the upcoming hurricane season with these preparedness tips for your plumbing system:


Clean drains and gutters

One of the biggest risks for plumbing during a hurricane is flooding. When the storm surge comes, the pipes can overflow, and when it goes back, all the debris that was washed away during the storm goes down the pipes. This puts your system at greater risk for broken pipes or major blockages. Prevent this by scheduling a hydro-jetting service and gutter cleaning before summer begins. 


Inspect plumbing

If your plumbing system is aged or blocked when the storm season begins, you’re more likely to face the repercussions. By scheduling an inspection with your MaintenX plumber, however, you can repair any damaged pipes before they become emergent. We recommend scheduling this service as early as possible in the spring to avoid issues during Florida’s rainy season. 


Turn off the hot water heater and main water value before evacuation

If the storm is severe, you should receive several days’ notice to allow employees and tenants to evacuate. If you choose to evacuate, it is best to turn off the hot water and main water lines beforehand. This prevents flooding and water contamination and can be easily turned back on once you’ve returned. Talk to your plumber about this option, however, because it may not be necessary for your facility depending on its location and size. 


MaintenX believes that preparedness is the best solution for hurricanes. To learn more about our preventative and emergency maintenance services, contact us today. 

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