Four Best Lighting Options for Commercial Facilities 

Commercial lighting is often a tricky element of interior design to get right, as the needs for commercial space are completely different from residential buildings. The ceiling height, lighting needs, and unique business operations will determine what sort of lighting you need, as well as the best design to accomplish your goals. While there are about as many different lighting options as there are businesses, these four are the most common for retail, medical, industrial, and restaurant facilities: Low Bay Lighting As the name suggests, low bay lighting is used for commercial facilities with relatively low ceilings (between 12 and 20 feet). They typically have a beam angle of 120 degrees which provides ample, even lighting across an entire building floor. This type of lighting is ideal for retail spaces, boutiques, single-room businesses, and grocery stores where a great amount of lighting is needed for a relatively low cost High Bay Lighting High bay lighting, in contrast, can provide even full light to buildings with high ceilings (more than 20 feet). Hotels, event spaces, warehouses, and other large facilities may use high bay lighting to ensure even coverage throughout their space. Like low bay lighting, this is the most economical and energy-efficient choice for even bright light in a commercial space. Flush Fitting Lights  While bay lights are the most popular and economical choice for retail and warehouse designs, they protrude from the ceiling and can be distracting for smaller shops with low ceilings. For restaurants, small boutiques, and mom-and-pop shops, flush-fitting lights provide the same great qualities with a better aesthetic appearance for low ceilings. Display or directed lights  Some businesses, such as retail stores and restaurants, want to highlight certain areas of their building to draw attention. In retail outlets, highlighting certain products with lighting can make them jump off the display racks and encourage more purchases. In restaurants, directed lighting can be used to highlight tables while keeping the rest of the setting dim and primed for conversation. This type of lighting can also save money on installation and lighting costs if used correctly. MaintenX specializes in electrical maintenance and lighting installation. We can help you choose the best lighting option for your facility, and help you save with energy-efficient options. To learn more about our electrical maintenance and lighting services, contact your local MaintenX today!

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