Design Ideas for the Modern College Campus

College campuses are historic institutions, but their architectural and interior designs don’t have to be. Today’s campuses have classrooms that are inclusive and engaging, and dorms that feel more like second homes than they do campus housing. The campus experience is changing, and so should your interior design structure. Below are some of the hottest trends in campus interior design that you can easily incorporate into your plans for upcoming renovation projects: Home Away From Home Often, the part of college that is most appealing to students is also what causes them the most anxiety – being away from home for the first time. They look forward to the freedom but are also nervous about making new friends and being weaned off the comforts of home such as always having a stocked pantry and people they know just around the corner. In order to make your campus feel like home, create community spaces with home comforts such as cozy seating, 24-hour snacks, and places to easily meet up with new friends. Green Design Gen Z students are much more concerned about environmental sustainability than previous generations. As such, an eco-friendly campus can be a major draw to new students. By designing with solar power, waste reduction, and plenty of greenery incorporated into the built environment, you can show students that you share the same values. Showcasing Student Contributions Classic architectural design may feel timeless and regal to staff, but it can feel static to students when sitting in a classroom. Instead of painting walls in beige, incorporate student art, inventions, and ideas into your interior design. This can help students connect to the college culture and feel more at home rather than being “at school.” Flexible classroom design Today’s classrooms are designed for hands-on learning just as much as they are lectures. Build spaces that can accommodate traditional lectures as well as workshops, collaborative projects, and individual studying so that every student has an equal opportunity to learn the way they do best. MaintenX helps college campuses across the country renovate to transform their buildings into environments where students can thrive. To learn more about renovation projects and maintenance services that can serve your needs, visit our Resouce Center.

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