Four Common Commercial Floor Care Mistakes

Commercial flooring is designed to last for up to 20 years or more. However, because of the heavy foot traffic that commercial buildings experience, you will need to take care of your flooring to help it last that long. With a proper installation, maintenance, and cleaning schedule, you can help your flooring look better and last longer with little effort required. 


Below are the four most common mistakes we see facility managers make when it comes to their flooring maintenance: 


Choosing the wrong installation team. 

Installation is just as important as flooring care, but many facility owners make their choice based on price instead of experience. This sets you up for flooring damage in the future. While laying tile or carpet may not seem difficult if done wrong your floor may be uneven, easily damaged, or aesthetically unappealing. Choose a local MaintenX flooring contractor for results you can be proud of. 


Using the wrong cleaner for tile, vinyl, and hardwood. 

While many of us lump all hard flooring services into the same category, they cannot be cleaned in the same way. Vinyl, hardwood, and different types of tiles all require different cleaning chemicals for safe use. If you use a tile cleaner on hardwood you could damage the surface and leave lasting marks. If you use an acidic vinyl cleaner on tile, you could erode the surface. Be sure to ask your MaintenX flooring professionals for a list of safe cleaning products for your specific flooring type. 


Not shampooing your carpet.

Most commercial facilities have a janitorial service that will vacuum carpet and spot clean as needed. However, you also need to schedule carpet shampooing services in a commercial space. The carpet will develop an odor over time if this is not done on a regular basis, but many facility managers neglect this maintenance task. Talk to your MaintenX team to determine a carpet cleaning service schedule fit for your building’s needs. 


Mopping or spraying before you dust and sweep. 

Dusting, swapping, and mopping must be done in a specific order to prevent dirt from sticking to the floor or being rubbed into the grout or spaces of tile and hardwood. If you do them in the incorrect order, you’ll simply be dusting onto wet and dirty floors. This can work the dirt deeper into the floor, which will cause staining over time. Be sure to dust first, then sweep away major dirt and debris, and then mop or wax floors for a clean shine.


If you follow these four tips, it will be much easier to maintain your facility’s flooring for decades. Talk to a MaintenX specialist today to learn more about our flooring installation and maintenance services!

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