Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Summer Landscaping

Summer landscaping is tricky for businesses in southern states. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we often see clients struggle to keep their landscaping alive in the brutal summer heat. However, with professional landscaping maintenance and care, even businesses in warm and dry climates can make the most of their summer landscaping. 


Below are some of the best tips we’ve gathered from landscaping professionals in all states. These four steps will help you transform your storefront or outdoor showroom into a place both customers and employees will enjoy: 


Make use of fountains and waterfalls

In Florida, we receive plenty of rainfall in the summer months. However, in dry climates, it can feel like the summer is an endless season of dry and grueling heat. If you want to make your landscaping seem more lush and inviting, consider adding hardscape elements such as fountains and waterfalls. These installations, though not cheap, can make your property much more inviting in the summertime. It will impress tenants and keep customers coming back. 


Add ample shading

No customer or tenant will want to spend time outside your facility if there is no escape from the summer heat. By adding a veranda at your entrance or pergolas in key areas of your outdoor showroom, you can help visitors feel more comfortable. Trees can also provide ample shading if you are willing to invest in fall maintenance. 


Research heat-resistant plants

Nothing looks worse than dried or dying plants outside of your business’s storefront. If you are going to plant flowers or foliage near your business, be sure to choose species that will survive the summer. Not all plants are able to withstand long periods of direct sunlight or severe rain showers in the summer. Ask your landscaper to help you choose heat-resistant and low-maintenance summer plants. 


Maintain healthy soil

The appearance of healthy soil will make your landscaping look more lush and alive. However, in order to maintain healthy soil, you’ll either need to take on some of the landscaping yourself or install a sprinkler system to retain the moisture needed for your plants and grass. Healthy soil will promote healthy foliage, and can even reduce exterior maintenance problems. 


If you are looking for exterior maintenance and landscaping services for your business, contact MaintenX today! We offer a variety of preventative care services for commercial facilities that can make this summer season the best yet for your business.

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