Four Common Winter Roofing Problems

Winter is a busy time for many commercial and retail facilities. The busy holiday season demands a lot from your business, and you are likely juggling multiple tasks at once every day. During this busy season, it can be easy to let something like roofing maintenance slip through the cracks. However, there are many reasons why we at MaintenX recommend facility managers make this a top priority in the winter. 


Roofing maintenance isn’t simple. It requires regular cleaning, inspections, and removal of snow and ice in the wintertime. While it may not seem like a big deal to let snow accumulate over several days, this can cause several issues: 


Shingle cracks widen during freeze/thaw cycles

As snow melts, the water will seep into the cracks of your shingles. If the cracks are severe, water can get between the shingles and the felt, causing them to fall off in the spring. Roofing typically has flashing to prevent this, but if your roofing is older or not well-maintained, melting snow can eventually cause leaks inside. To prevent this, it’s important to conduct thorough roof maintenance in the fall and schedule regular snow removal for your roof. 


Damage to roof flashing. 

As mentioned above, flashing is the primary barrier between your interior and the outside world. It is an essential part of the roofing structure to ensure that damaged shingles do not turn into serious leaks inside your facility. However, if roofing inspections are not scheduled in the fall, it may be too late when you realize you have damaged flashing underneath your shingles. Avoid this issue by inspecting flashing and other roof sealants before the first snowfall. 


Buildup of snow and debris in the gutters. 

Snow buildup in gutters may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause the debris underneath to rot and create barriers to melted snow through. Snow and organic debris buildup can also put extra weight on your gutters, causing them to put stress on the roof itself. This can cause further damage to the roofing as a whole, or at the minimum will deteriorate your gutters more quickly. When you schedule snow removal, be sure to address the gutters, drains, and downspouts as well. 


Higher energy costs due to inefficient roofing systems. 

Your roof is a major player in maintaining overall energy efficiency in your facility. It helps to insulate the interior and prevents the flow of air between your heated interior and the outdoors. By investing in energy-efficient reflective coatings and proper insulation in the fall, you can better control your winter heating expenses. 


Roofing maintenance can be a great asset in improving facility performance in the winter. To learn more about your winter roofing maintenance options, contact your local MaintenX today!

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