Removing Snow From Your Commercial Facility

Customers may love the wintery scenes of December, but as a facility manager, you understand the maintenance hassle and hazards that snow causes. Snowfall causes issues with parking lot maintenance, roofing repairs, and the general safety of tenants and guests. However, the task of removing it is no simple one. 


OSHA has very strict standards when it comes to safe snow removal on commercial properties. This service causes serious injuries annually, which is why safety equipment requirements and safe practices are so complex. While the snow removal process may be hazardous, the buildup of snow on your facility is even more so. 


Snow and ice are major slip and fall hazards. The buildup of snow on tree branches can also cause hazards if a tree branch is to snap under the weight. Ice in parking lots is another known danger, as are icicles and snow buildup on the edge of roofing and other structures. Each of these threats should be addressed with your snow removal team to ensure a safe working environment at your facility. 


You have the option to perform snow removal yourself. Your onsite maintenance staff will need to be trained in OSHA standards for snow removal, and you will need to invest in snow blowers and other OSHA-approved snow removal equipment for roofing and landscaping. Ice and snow removal in parking lots is typically less dangerous and can include the use of a simple salt spreader and shoveler equipment, or include more large-scale snow plows. 


If you choose to perform snow removal yourself, follow this checklist to prepare: 


  • Invest in proper snow removal training for your maintenance staff
  • Make a plan for snow removal based on snowfall times
  • Invest in proper snow plows, blowers, salt spreaders, and other equipment
  • Contact tenants and inform them of procedures for reporting snow and ice-related hazards, as well as winter safety protocols
  • Place weather mats near all entrances 
  • Look for a contractor in the event of snowstorm damages


If you do not have an onsite maintenance staff, or if you would prefer to hire a professional, talk to your local MaintenX team. We offer a variety of landscaping and roofing maintenance services for winter including snow and ice removal. We not only comply with OSHA standards but can help perform other preventative maintenance tasks for your roofing and parking lot. 


MaintenX is here for you through every season. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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