Four Installations You Can Use To Make Your Facility More Secure

Facility security is a top priority for most business owners. The technology and equipment you invest in are important not only for business tomorrow but for your long-term growth. Preventing losses and protecting staff should be a top concern when moving into a new building. It is also important to review safety and security practices after a disturbance has occurred to constantly improve upon the current building operations. 


Below are four different ways you can improve upon the security at your facility with low-cost and effective technologies. 



Building a security fence is often the first step toward protecting a business from unwanted visitors. A sturdy fence with security cameras and optional alarms can help you to protect your property before theft has even occurred. A simple eight-foot chain link fence can even be effective in keeping some intruders out and will protect your building from unwanted loitering during off-hours. 


Security alarms

Security alarms are often the next logical step when implementing a security system for your building. These alarms will not only hasten the police presence at your location in the event of a break-in but can deter some burglars from staying on the property to steal or vandalize. Your security system should include windows as well as doors and other entryways to protect your building from all types of break-ins. 


Security cameras

Security cameras are not only a great aid to law enforcement after a burglary but can be a deterrent all their own. Even if you do not have security staff, the mere presence of a security camera can motivate some to avoid your location as a place for criminal activity. The more you place and the higher they are from the ground, the less likely you are to experience break-ins. 


Panic buttons

Panic buttons are becoming more and more popular for 24-hour facilities, especially in places where shift work is common. If you have an employee that is isolated, they can use a silent panic button to communicate to the police or an outside authority when a crisis occurs. Whether that is a robbery or other disaster, a panic button can accelerate communication and protect your employees from all types of dangerous situations while at work. 


With these systems in place, you can better care for your employees and ensure they are safe at all times. To learn more about your security installation options inside and out, contact MaintenX today!

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