What’s That Smell? 4 Odors in Your Facility You Should Never Ignore

Typically, when something in the office stinks, your employees take notice. However, they may not always speak up when they need to. Unreported odors from your HVAC or furnace could be signs of trouble within a piece of equipment, often resulting in risk to employees and tenants. It’s important to speak up and make an immediate service call if you smell one of these three odors:


Rotten eggs

The smell of rotten eggs is often associated with a sewage leak. A pipe could have burst and be causing issues with your sanitization in and around the facility. Even if you aren’t having issues in your bathrooms, contact a MaintenX plumber to inspect the site once you notice this odor. 



Many commercial facilities use ammonia-based cleaners; however, if you notice this smell after the janitors have left, it could be cause for concern. Ammonia is sometimes used in the coolant of older commercial appliances, which means its scent could indicate a leak. Ammonia-like smells can also occur if you have mold or pests living within your walls. No matter what, this odor is cause for a consult with your MaintenX professionals. 


Burning smell

Oftentimes heaters can smell like they’re burning when they first come on in the winter. This happens due to dust accumulation, and it can mean that dust and dirt are circling through your facility. However, if you smell this in the summer, it could be cause for other issues within your HVAC system. Contact your local MaintenX HVAC technician to identify the cause of the odor. 


Never Ignore What Your Detector Tells You

Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous contaminants are those without a smell. Carbon monoxide (CO) — a chemical that can be deadly when inhaled — is colorless and odorless, making it impossible to detect without a CO detector. CO leaks can happen due to industrial combustion and are very serious. Be prepared and install monitors in every area of your facility to ensure a safe working environment. 


MaintenX takes these odors very seriously. They are often the warning signs of a serious problem within your HVAC or plumbing system and must be addressed before they become a danger to your staff. To learn more about our emergency maintenance service, call your local MaintenX today!

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