Repairing Drywall Cracks In Your Office Space

In a majority of modern office buildings, drywall is used throughout the interior to create a smooth, durable wall surface. It has become the predominant material over plaster or wood because of its affordability and practicality in large commercial facilities. However, drywall is not an infallible surface. It has a propensity for cracking along joint lines, which can cause long-term structural issues if not addressed. 


Often drywall will crack along joint lines because it is the weakest point of the wall. However, cracks can also occur due to rapidly changing temperature or humidity. They can also crack due to pressure, such as when a piece of furniture bumps against the wall. If the crack is small, it can typically be repaired by your handyman. 


Steps to DIY Drywall Repair

If the crack is small, all you need is an hour of your time and some supplies from your local home improvement store to repair it on your own. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1: Clean the Area of Debris

Before you start applying drywall tape, you need to clean the area of any dirt or debris so as to not seal that into your drywall repair. You should also cover the surrounding area with painter’s tape to ensure the repair does not affect other parts of the drywall or other fixtures such as wood trim. 


Step 2: Apply The Drywall Tape


Next, you need to apply the drywall tape over every part of the crack. First, you want to fill the crack with a joint compound to adhere the tape to the area. Next, embed the drywall tape into the crack, covering it completely. Once you flatten these two layers, use the excess joint compound to smooth the surface and seal any small gaps in the repair. 


Step 3: Finishing


Once the compound has dried completely, you can use a putty knife to scrape off any excess. You can also use any excess joint compound to create a second or third layer on your repair to ensure it is completely smooth. 


While this method will work if the break is small, cracks wider than one-quarter of an inch must be repaired by a professional. MaintenX can assess the damage and either repair the crack or replace the drywall completely. Contact us today if you need help with major drywall repairs.

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