Four Things You Should Never Do In A Commercial Kitchen

MaintenX specializes in commercial kitchen maintenance, which means we’ve seen it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly, MaintenX is the number one source for maintenance issues in the busy world of food service. While most of our clients do an excellent job in maintaining their essential systems, there are several things we’ve seen over the years that make maintenance more difficult for us and their teams. 


If you work in or manage a commercial kitchen, be sure to never make these maintenance mistakes while on the job: 


Pouring grease down the drain 

This is the number one problem our plumbing teams see in commercial kitchens. Not only is it unsightly when it comes out, but grease can cause your plumbing to back up, leading to an on-the-job disaster when it happens. Teach your employees the proper way to dispose of grease to ensure it never happens to you. 


Neglecting your countertops

Not cleaning your countertops enough, or not using the right products can head to premature corrosion, color fading, and sanitary issues you’d much rather avoid. Talk to your MaintenX team about the best products for countertop cleaning, and be sure to train employees on the right way to use these products every night. 


Never deep cleaning your floors

You likely mop your floors every night, but do you deep clean them on schedule to remove grease and dirt buildup? This maintenance task is tedious and can disrupt your workflow, but it will save you from having to replace kitchen flooring prematurely. It also ensures a safer and cleaner working environment, which will help tremendously when it comes time for a health inspection. 


Neglecting HVAC/R maintenance

Ventilation and refrigeration are some of the most important functions of your commercial kitchen. Without proper ventilation, your kitchen becomes unsafe to work in and will cause the heat and scent to leak into your dining areas. Refrigeration maintenance can also help you reduce long-term costs and provide a cleaner, safer work environment. Schedule regular preventative repairs with your MaintenX HVAC/R technician to ensure you never run into major repairs on the job. 


MaintenX works hard to ensure the commercial kitchens we work in can function seamlessly 24/7. To learn more about our preventative repair services, contact your local MaintenX team today. 

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