The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies for Businesses

Plumbing emergencies are one of the most common emergency repairs we perform at MaintenX. HVAC, roofing, and even some electrical issues can wait until morning, but plumbing is an essential function for any business that can require a shutdown almost immediately. That is why we recommend regular hydro-jetting and preventative care services to limit plumbing emergencies for our clients. 


Below are five of our most common plumbing emergency calls, and what you can do to prevent them: 


Clogged sinks

A clogged sink may not seem like an emergency, but it can become one in a commercial kitchen or restroom if the water stops flowing altogether. Luckily, this is often a quick fix using a snake or hydro-jet, but the best way to prevent this is to avoid disposing of grease, food, and other solids down your sink. 


Burst pipes and water lines

Pipes can break due to freezing, tree roots, or unresolved clogs that lead to structural damage to the pipes. Unfortunately, this can require replacement of the entire plumbing system which could take a day or more to accomplish. If you want to prevent this from happening at your facility, schedule regular pipe cleaning and insulate piping to ensure it does not burst due to weather. 


Overflowing or clogged toilets. 

Businesses must provide a working restroom for employees, which means a clogged or overflowing toilet can shut you down quickly. The best prevention strategy is to care for your piping, so never skip your recommended preventative maintenance for plumbing. If this happens, contact your MaintenX technician immediately to resolve the issue. 


Your sewer backs up.

Sewer issues are some of the most complex for businesses to deal with, especially if it is a city problem and not a building problem. You can detect sewage backup from gurgling toilets, unpleasant odors, or unexplained wet areas in your landscaping. If you notice one of these, contact your MaintenX team and city immediately to find out what is causing the issue. 


Your water heater stops functioning.

Many businesses use tankless water heaters to prevent costly repairs and ensure automatic hot water every time a faucet is used. However, that doesn’t mean that tankless water heaters are flawless. Any water heater can break down, which can cause issues for all types of businesses. Regular maintenance checks to detect problems early is the best way to ensure this never happens at your facility.


MaintenX can help you put these plumbing problems to rest through careful preventative care. To learn more about what plumbing services we offer, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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