Four Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Contribute To Profits, Not Just A Source of Costs

When you first buy a new car, you keep it in pristine condition. The pride of ownership makes you check your oil more often, take it to the car wash once a month, and maybe even learn to do a few of the maintenance tasks yourself. However, as the years go by, you see your automobile in a new light. 

Trips to the car wash become less frequent. You lose interest in doing the oil changes yourself. You may even start to skip some of the manufacturer-recommended maintenance services because they’re inconvenient and cost more than you want to spend on a hunk of junk. This slippery slope leads to mechanical problems, which make you even less enthused about caring for your car. 

The same is true in building maintenance. Most facility managers start with good intentions, but over time the constant service calls start to seem unnecessary. When you start looking for ways to cut costs, the maintenance department is the first to receive a hard evaluation. Unfortunately, this leads to less effective facility care and major problems down the road. 

Before cutting your maintenance service budget, consider these ways in which maintenance contributes to your profit margin: 

Improves your online reputation. 

Online reviews are a major contributor to buyer purchasing decisions. If you have a poor online reputation due to the physical state of your facility, selling your services will be that much more difficult. This is even more true with rental properties. Keep your online reputation in high standing with routine maintenance and cleaning service. 

Increases energy-efficiency in your building. 

Energy consumption is one of the single greatest expenses for facilities. By reducing the energy required to operate at peak performance, you can cut facility costs tremendously. A small investment in maintaining energy-efficient applications can create huge payoff in the future. 

Extends the service life of critical equipment. 

Maintenance services may seem expensive, but they are far more affordable than equipment replacements. Proper preventative maintenance can extend the service life of your machinery, leading to cost savings in the future. You will thank yourself in five or ten years when your HVAC or roofing is still holding up because you invested in minor maintenance services. 

Creates a safer, healthier place to work. 

Preventative maintenance does more than prevent repairs. It can improve indoor air quality, provide healthier access to water, and other benefits that your employees will notice. Preventative maintenance also reduces risk when employees operate on or near facility equipment. These impacts will set you apart from other local employers. 

If you are interested in learning more about your preventative maintenance options, contact MaintenX today!

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