How Maintenance Service Impacts Your Bottom Line

Business models and strategies change every year, but one thing never ceases to be important: your bottom line. Companies plan most of their strategy around optimizing the bottom line, from marketing strategy to operational protocols and everything else in between. Much like your business, your building needs to be analyzed to ensure that it is meeting its goals in regards to maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. 

Your maintenance programs can help your company stay in the black in several ways. Reducing annual maintenance costs and simultaneously improving quality of service can be achieved when you work with a professional commercial maintenance service. Below are just a few ways in which maintenance service impacts your bottom line: 

Improve energy efficiency. 

Energy-efficient is an adjective often translated as “higher upfront cost” when facility managers shop for new equipment. Unfortunately, many business owners opt for the cheaper piece of equipment without fully understanding the cost benefits of energy-efficiency. When you install energy-efficient equipment and schedule regular preventative maintenance for it, you can see reductions in energy costs for decades. 

Avoid downtime due to major repairs and breakdowns. 

Any time your facility is not working at maximum performance, or must shut down entirely due to equipment breakdown, you’re losing money faster than you can earn it back. Breakdowns often occur because equipment is overrun and not maintained properly to keep it working at optimal performance levels. Instead of cutting costs upfront, you can save on expensive repairs by investing in routine maintenance now. 

Improve online reputation. 

Studies show that between 78% and 87% of people use online reviews to determine whether or not to work with a company or rent in a facility. Whether it’s a property renter or your next client, that person is far less likely to buy if the online reviews include complaints about the maintenance or cleanliness of your building. Use a proactive approach to your maintenance program, and you’ll avoid nasty reviews online that can hurt your reputation. 

Maintenance services help keep your building in tip-top shape, which helps you create a better environment for conducting business. If you want to make the most of your facility, schedule preventative maintenance services with MaintenX. 

MaintenX serves commercial facilities in over 13 states with electrical, roofing, plumbing, and HVAC repair services. We hire the most experienced contractors to ensure that when you call us, you get the job done right. Contact us today to see what MaintenX can do for you. 

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