Give Your Commercial Landscaping A Refresh This Fall

Autumn is most often associated with change. As the leaves start to fall, the sun rises earlier, and the cold days become more consistent, we feel a change in the atmosphere that is significant beyond the weather. It is time to think about the upcoming year and begin new projects that can benefit your business as a whole. 


One way to begin this transformative period is by investing time into your landscaping. Not only will you impress guests and tenants with a more inviting outdoor space, but showing care for your lawn is an important way to show pride for your business. By putting time into these four fall lawn care activities, you can see improvements in your overall business aesthetic. 


Don’t neglect regular maintenance 

Because of the falling leaves and dry spells, many managers forget about the grass underneath. However, it is important to maintain certain tasks such as cutting the grass, raking the fall leaves, and providing proper irrigation in accordance with the rainfall you’re expecting. 


Trim and prune your larger foliage 

Typically it’s recommended to trim and prune trees and shrubs in the spring because the branches will have a better chance of healing and growing. However, the drier months can be a great time to trim away dead limbs, especially if heavy snowfall may cause them to collapse. Be careful about what you trim, and ask a professional for help when needed. 


Provide proper mulch 

Mulch looks great and provides your plants proper protection from frost during the winter (rather than just leaving the fall leaves on the ground). You can find mulch in a variety of colors and can use organic or plastic mulch depending on your facility’s needs and the size of your landscaping. 


Start thinking about spring 

Just as the autumn sparks creativity in business planning, it should inspire you to start thinking about your spring landscaping. You can begin planting now so that when spring arrives, you have beautiful new flowers and shrubs. Consult with local nurseries to learn which flowers and shrubs will last through the winter, and which will be best for your environment. 


November and December are great times to invest in your landscaping for the future. If you want to learn more about landscaping basics, best practices, and more, contact your local MaintenX team today. 


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