Watch Out For These Fall and Winter Pests Inside Your Facility

During the fall and winter, outdoor insects and rodents often go looking for shelter from the cold. This can cause major problems for your facility if they make their way inside. Whether you’re dealing with a single unwanted critter or an entire infestation, proper maintenance and routine pest control can help you get rid of these pests. 

Below are the five most common fall and winter pests to look out for inside your commercial building: 

Ants – There are many different species of ant in the U.S., some more dangerous than others. Most ant species burrow underground in the summer, but they move to higher ground in the fall and winter. If your facility is not properly treated for ants, they can start to infest office or kitchen spaces quickly. 

Rats and mice – Like most mammals, rats and mice will look for shelter in the fall and winter, and your facility may be the perfect place to hide. It is oftentimes difficult to stop a rodent problem once it begins because they are typically nocturnal creatures and may go unnoticed if your facility is closed at night. 

Stink and Kudzu bugs – Stink bugs and Kudzu bugs are typically found in the middle and south Atlantic coastal states. While these bugs don’t bite or spread disease, they are nonetheless a nuisance and can cause a dent in your reputation if found by a client. 

Roaches – Cockroaches are one of the worst pests to find in your facility. Not only will they make your skin crawl, but they are considered high risk because of their potential for spreading disease. Roaches are one of the most important pests to treat your facility for, including both prevention and extermination measures. 

Outdoor pests – While they may not be inside your facility, dangerous pests such as mosquitoes and ticks will still be active in some parts of the country. It’s important to discourage their breeding in and around your facility by minimizing the occurrence of standing water and debris in your outdoor areas. 

Pest control services are not the only way to prevent pest infestations during the fall and winter. A facility maintenance team can help you reduce infestations by sealing small cracks and holes in the structure that act as entryways for most pests. By repairing plumbing issues you can also cut off water supplies to pests, which will deter them from using your facility as a winter home. 

For more information, contact your local MaintenX team today! We offer comprehensive fall and winter maintenance services to keep your facility running smoothly, pest-free.

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