Going Green During COVID-19

As the novel coronavirus arrived on American shores, many of us panicked and went quickly into action to sanitize, close down, or implement other measures to stop the spread. However, most of us also thought that these measures would be temporary. We believed that after a few months of shutdowns and intense sanitization, business would go back to “business as usual.” However, as we reach the one-year anniversary of the discovery of COVID-19, business owners have realized this may be the new business as usual. 


If increased sanitization and reduced onsite labor are the new norm, what does that mean for our environmental and social impacts? Many businesses are investing in increased sanitization, but are failing to look closely at the environmental impacts that those products have. They may be utilizing remote working or reducing hours, but are not looking for facility solutions to decrease costs instead. 


In many cases, facility owners are abandoning the maintenance on their buildings in favor of cleaning and sanitization. While this is understandable, as they have many more responsibilities to juggle, there is a need for increased preventative maintenance at this time. HVAC systems are responsible for maintaining proper indoor air quality, which can help stop the spread. Bathroom maintenance and upgrades also play an important role in stopping the spread of COVID-19. These measures should not be sacrificed in favor of sanitization, especially if that sanitization is not done in an eco-conscious way. 


Your facility operations and maintenance play an important role in your business’ overall environmental footprint. Below are just a few ways in which you can invest in a greener, healthier building: 


Choose green sanitization products. 

As commercial disinfecting has become standard practice, and likely will be for the foreseeable future, it’s important to invest in products that are eco-friendly. This includes all spray cleaners, vapor sanitization, and other products used to wipe down surfaces. 


Invest in an energy-efficient HVAC system. 

Your HVAC system is responsible for maintaining proper indoor air quality. If your facility is not well-ventilated, the virus will remain stagnant in the air and likely spread to employees and visitors. However, maintaining an HVAC system is a lot of work. They can be expensive, and those that are not energy efficient can hurt your facility performance as well as the environment. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to an Energy Star-rated HVAC system, now is the time to do it. 


Plan for bathroom maintenance. 

COVID-19 has also spurred many facility owners to take a second look at their bathroom setup. The mist of toilet flushes and close proximity of tenants washing hands can cause major issues for reducing the spread of COVID-19. Many business owners are rethinking their bathroom setups, and some may even undergo reconstruction to better meet the needs of the pandemic. While you’re looking for ways to make your bathroom safer, it’s also wise to think of ways to make it greener. Low-flow faucets and toilets, hands-free hand drying stations, and other energy-efficient upgrades can make your facility safer and greener along the way. 


If you’re interested in upgrading your facility to green technologies, talk to your local MaintenX team today. We offer a variety of installation and preventative care services that can make your switch to green that much easier.

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