Maintenance Tips for Battling COVID-19 in 2021

Unfortunately, we are nearing the one-year mark of the novel coronavirus being discovered in Wuhan, China. In December 2019 it was first reported, and by January 30th it had been declared an international health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since March of 2020 it has been classified as a pandemic, and we are still a long way from complete economic and social repair. 


This pandemic has hit American businesses especially hard. Some had to close down, while others had to support essential workers as they stayed open for business despite increased health risks. While many of us have been able to open again, the increased health precautions have at best complicated our operations, or in more severe cases increased costs exponentially. However, 2021 offers hope for small businesses to regain their grounding in a post-pandemic world. 


Until we reach that point, there are still changes your facility can make to create a safe environment without raising costs. Below are just a few ways you can make a difference in your community by following safe COVID-19 business practices: 


Invest in exterior maintenance. 

Many studies have shown that the spread of coronavirus is minimized in outdoor settings. Typically, outdoor areas make it easier to maintain social distancing guidelines, and some research hypothesizes that UV light may help reduce the effectiveness of the virus at the molecular level. While the research has not determined whether or not this hypothesis holds true, it is safe to say that outdoor events and activities are deemed safer than those in enclosed indoor areas. By maintaining outdoor showrooms, eating areas, and other spaces for your customers to use, you can better protect them while still keeping your doors open. 


Maintain proper indoor air quality. 

COVID-19 is an airborne virus, meaning that it can spread when a person coughs, sneezes, talks, or even breathes. Because of this, it is recommended that all employees and visitors in commercial buildings wear facemasks to prevent the spread. However, face masks do not fully prevent individuals from spreading the disease. Your HVAC system plays an important role in circulating the air and not letting germs sit inside the building once they become airborne. In order to maintain proper ventilation, be sure to schedule regular preventative maintenance services for your system and change their air filters regularly to prevent dust buildup in vents. 


Invest in hands-free technology. 

Though coronavirus primarily spreads through the air, it is presumed that the virus can linger on surfaces for several days. While disinfecting measures are critical to prevent the spread, you can make it easier on customers by investing in hands-free sanitization, checkouts, and even ordering options. People are looking for ways to go back to normal in their shopping and entertainment; therefore the responsibility of safe shopping lies on businesses. If you invest in these sanitization and hands-free services, your customers will thank you for it. 


Coronavirus may have changed the world, but as business owners, we can change with it. To learn more about ways you can maintain a safe and healthy facility, contact your local MaintenX team today.

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