Green Building Trends Seen in 2018

Even as facilities have increased in their energy efficiency many times over, there are always more approaches being devised in the green building industry. Below are some of the top trends in the green building industry we saw in 2018.

Healthier Buildings mean Healthier People

Healthier buildings appeared as a big priority in 2018. Factors like improved occupant health and well-being and increased worker productivity made this trend a winner. Around the world, green building is increasingly creating environmental benefits, including improved employee productivity and higher worker satisfaction.

Solar Energy

Solar power generation in the U.S. has increased fourfold in the last five years. Why, you ask? Because solar cells are getting more efficient, while the manufacturing costs are dwindling.

International corporations have committed themselves to switching over to clean energy in coming years. What’s more, over 30 US states now offer financial and tax incentives for going solar. Solar power will undoubtedly continue this upward trend seen in 2018.

Smarter Buildings with More Data

Many of today’s smart buildings are now joining the Internet of Things, with millions of sensors around the world measuring things like occupancy, air quality, and temperature, just to name a few. Add to that building-automation software, and you’ll see a smart building get even smarter.

Sensor data isn’t just a matter of convenience for occupants, though. It can make buildings more predictive by creating climate-control systems that use weather forecasts to preemptively cool or heat the building at off-peak times.

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