How HVAC And Plumbing Careers Could Change The Next Generation

The workforce changes day-to-day, month-to-month, year by year, and from one generation to the next. This ever-tumultuous job market demands individuals to put their best foot forward in many ways. Hard work, education, market demand, and intrinsic talent all play a part in shaping the next generation to be ready for working life. 

While more and more younger generations are going to college, the prices for these degrees are becoming increasingly higher. According to The Institute for College Access and Success, the average college student owes around $28,650 in student loans (and that’s with a majority going to public institutions). In addition, the prospect of high-paying corporate jobs are becoming less appealing. The prospects within the corporate role lave lost their luster, whereas freelance and service jobs are seeing a comeback in popularity due to lowered restrictions and a perceived lower entry point for success. 

Younger generations, especially those in “Gen Z,” born after 1995, find a technician’s or freelance job appealing for obvious reasons. These jobs do not require four years of schooling, $25,000+ in student debt, and a decade-long climb up the corporate ladder to succeed. With a two-year, affordable education and hard work, these young professionals can create successful careers doing hands-on, invigorating work. 

It is for this reason that MaintenX is stepping up our recruiting with young professionals. We believe that subcontractor and trade-based jobs provide a number of benefits for those looking at alternative-career paths. Not only do we think that trade-based jobs offer numerous appeals to younger professionals, but that we need them in order to build a sustainable industry. Here’s why: 

Young professionals are tech-savvy. Younger generations have the advantage of being able to adopt to new technologies in HVAC and plumbing fields. They can easily be taught the tactical skills, and already possess a propensity for work order management technology that is at the forefront of maintenance innovation. This is an area where seasoned workers in maintenance fields often struggle, and could benefit from a fresh perspective brought on by young professionals. 

Younger generations value stability. Young professionals are looking for stability and higher pay more than ever in their careers, and are willing to put in longer hours in order to gain these benefits. Surveys show that growing up in the Great Recession, “Gen Z” watched their millennial older brother and sisters struggled to find jobs after investing in a college education. This has geared them less towards creative and information-based fields, and more towards pragmatic skill-based jobs. They are also delaying marriage and families until later in life, meaning that they are more willing to invest in their careers at a young age. This drive for career success puts young professionals at a distinct advantage in trade-based jobs, such as HVAC repair and plumbing. 

Finally, these young generations are key to making a smooth transition from one generation in the labor workforce to the next. Gen X and Millennial workforce are severely underrepresented in morder maintenance and contractor work. In order to keep these industries alive, we must encourage younger minds to pursue alternative career paths. It is through proper cultivation of young talent that we can keep trades such as HVAC repair and plumbing a thriving industry. 

If you’d like to learn more about MaintenX HVAC and plumbing positions and training, visit our careers page or contact us today.

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