What To Know Before Starting A Career As A Subcontractor

Are you interested in pursuing a trade-based career? Do you enjoy working with your hands, solving problems for real people, and investing in a field that offers self-employment opportunity? If so, subcontractor work may be right for you. Trade-based professions such as roofing, plumbing, electrical work, and HVAC repair offer professionals many great advantages. However, you should understand the demands of this line of work before investing in your technician career. Here’s what you need to know before starting a career as a subcontractor: 

Technical school is worth the effort. Technical schools are a great source of knowledge for individuals in many fields. They are often more affordable than traditional universities and give you the hands-on training you need in order to enter an HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or another maintenance field. You can certainly learn the tricks of the trade by trial and error, but technical school and apprenticeships give you a leg up against the rest of the skilled labor force. 

Research licenses, accreditations, and insurance needed in your field. Because of the high-stakes nature of most maintenance jobs, many of these fields require that professionals receive certification, licensing, and liability insurance. You can get into major legal trouble if you do not cover your bases. If you don’t have these assets, at best you won’t get hired by quality customers, and at worst you will be sued. Always research your licensing and insurance requirements, or work for a contractor network that will offer these benefits for you. 

You can set your own schedule, but so can your clients. It is true that contractors and subcontractors are able to set their own rules and schedules when it comes to workload. However, you are in a more competitive market, with little knowledge of where the next job will come in. Oftentimes self-employed contractor work requires a greater workload in order to maintain consistent income throughout the year. You will need to learn to balance your time well between work and other responsibilities. 

MaintenX offers one of the largest trusted subcontractor networks in the country. Our staff are given the training and benefits they want in order to succeed in technician work such as HVAC repair, plumbing, electrical work, and roofing. We expect the best from our subcontractors, and are able to offer them the best:

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Life Insurance and Short and Long Term Disability

401(k) retirement plan with company match

Paid Vacations

Paid Holidays and Sick Days

Personal Cell Phone Service Discount through Company Cell Phone Carrier

Company Vehicle and Uniforms provided 

Fuel Card provided for Company Vehicle 

Opportunities for Overtime Hours 

Opportunity for Career Growth!

Contact us today or visit our careers page for more information.

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