How Lean Maintenance Can Transform Your Business

What is Lean Maintenance?

During the past decade, the “lean” phenomenon has enabled manufacturing industries to greatly increase their levels of profitability and productivity.  Combined with other initiatives like Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Maintenance has encouraged companies to focus on production process efficiency.

Why Implement Lean Maintenance?

Many establishments have fallen into the trap of concentrating on the tools and techniques associated with Lean instead of the reason for their use. Lean Maintenance is a powerful approach to identifying and eliminating waste-related issues and delivering real bottom-line improvements, if it’s implemented and managed in the right way.

Integrated Lean Maintenance

The integrated Lean Maintenance improvement approach assertively recommends and applies Lean principles in an appropriate framework specifically adapted for their application to maintenance.

Benefits of Lean Maintenance

The benefits are:

  • Full implementation of targeted Lean improvement projects over a 12 month period.
  • Rapid achievement of measurable performance improvements.
  • A Lean program that can be managed and monitored, which will ensure improvements are sustained over the long-term.
  • Consistency of approach for future Lean improvement projects.
  • Fully trained personnel in the principles of Lean maintenance.
  • Site-wide exposure of Lean maintenance through demonstrating the benefits and not just the tools and techniques.  We find this is the best way to disseminate the approach through all the levels of an organization.

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