How Remote Mentorship Is Changing Maintenance Employment

One-on-one mentoring relationships once only worked through face-to-face meetings. But mentoring is evolving thanks to a proliferation of communication tools and increasing social media activity. The future of mentoring is open and unstructured.

If your professional growth concerns aren’t met by a single mentor, have no fear: it’s perfectly acceptable and in many cases even expected for you to have more than one mentor. After all, those who can advise typically have specialized knowledge. If you need guidance in other disciplines, seek out other mentors to supplement your knowledge.


  • You are no longer limited by geography
  • You can think outside your industry
  • Your specific questions can be answered
  • You can engage with or simply pose a question to a mentor on an ad hoc basis
  • You can work with several mentors
  • You can be both student and teacher
  • Your mentor isn’t the only one giving in this scenario; you have insights to offer as well. Perhaps you can lend your voice to a new project they have in beta, or you can share insights on an advertising campaign as a member of a different culture or minority group.

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