How To Better Budget Facility Space

With rising rent and overcrowding in America’s most industrious cities, maximizing space has garnered greater attention in the business community. It is difficult to afford more space for growing facility needs; however, facility managers can easily maximize space by implementing an efficient design in their offices and workspaces. 

Disorganized, dark, and cluttered spaces can cause issues with productivity and safety goals. Whether that space is an inventory warehouse or a large corporate office, the way you budget and maximize space has an effect on the way your facility functions. To combat productivity issues due to disorganization, you can make these three simple changes to your workplace design: 

Invest in efficient lighting. Maintaining light in a workspace can make it easier for employees to focus, as the light keeps them more alert than ambient lighting. Dark offices and warehouses also cause a space to look smaller. This creates a less-than productive workplace that can be easily avoided by investing in smart lighting systems. Install bright lights in your workspace, and ensure that they are energy-efficient to concurrently reduce energy costs. 

Maximize vertical space. When most facility managers attempt to maximize floor space, they look for ways to combine and reduce material needs. However, you can achieve the same results by instead maximizing your vertical space. Install more vertically efficient storage equipment to replace used floor space with used wall space. This works in both warehouse and cramped office spaces. 

Lean operational principles. Budgeting your space has more to do with actual square footage used. You need to think outside the box to find ways in which you can reduce the need for material resources, therefore creating a more efficient operating system. Minimizing material inputs will help you better budget your space as well as your financial and human resources. 

By maximizing space and minimizing waste, you can better manage a facility of any size. Along with better budgeting of space, you should consider ways to improve the management of your physical assets. MaintenX offers preventative maintenance resources and services to help you improve facility efficiency across the board. Talk to your local MaintenX team to learn more.

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