Preparing Your Facility for New Tenants

As the property manager of a commercial building, the burden to please tenants ultimately lies on you. Even with a high-end newer building, issues can arise when a new tenant cmes in who isn’t accustomed to your building. They may spot maintenance issues you’ve become blind to, which can not only ruin your first impression but cause them to look elsewhere to lease. 

Before you show your property to potential tenants or prepare for a new one to arrive, look for these five maintenance issues that can instantly ruin your facility’s good reputation: 

Clean out the HVAC system.

Dusty, noisy, or leaking HVAC systems are a major red flag when a tenant is viewing a property for the first time. This can cause endless maintenance headaches for them and disrupt business operations if the HVAC goes out during their lease. If you want to prevent these major issues and tenant deterrents, clean and tune your HVAC system between leases. 

Rewire any old or faulty electrical appliances/outlets.

Faulty wiring is common in older buildings, and can be detrimental in today’s tech-driven business world. If your facility cannot handle modern appliances or intense electrical demands, you should talk to your MaintenX technicians about rewiring entirely or patching up older outlets with modern electrical systems. 

Patch up missing shingles.

Poorly maintained roofing is not only an aesthetic issue – it can also cause leaks and water damage within your building if left unattended. Don’t let roofing mishaps cause tension between you and your tenants. Contact MaintenX for a consultation to patch shingles and damaged flashing right away. 

Conduct backflow testing and a hydro-jetting service.

Plumbing emergencies are arguably the worst emergencies for facility tenants to deal with. If you want to prevent them, be diligent about your maintenance schedule. Talk to your MaintenX plumbers about annual backflow testing and setting up a hydro-jetting service to clean your pipes from built-up debris. 

Clean stains from the floor. 

Finally, if you want to make a great impression, plan for a deep cleaning of your floors before new tenants arrive. Flooring is one of the dirtiest parts of a facility, and a deep cleaning that addresses all of your flooring issues can make a great first impression on new tenants. 

MaintenX can help you prepare your facility to impress new tenants no matter what type of facility you manage. From restaurants and medical facilities to large industrial complexes, we can handle it all! Talk to us today to schedule an onsite consultation. 

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