How to Eliminate Carpet Stains and Odor in Your Facility

Spots. Spills. Stains. They’re often the first things visitors to your facility notice about your floor coverings. Left untreated, spots and stains on carpets have the potential to create a negative impression of your business, school or office building. However, early response can help reduce the incidence of permanent blemishes and keep your facility carpeting looking fresh and clean no matter what life throws at it.

Check for Spots and Stains Daily

Commercial carpeting is a big investment. You can help prolong its life and keep it looking attractive by treating and cleaning spots and stains as soon as they are noticed.


Take precautions to prevent certain types of spots and stains before they happen, with exterior and interior matting or walk-off tiles to capture moisture, greasy slush, and street soil before it’s tracked onto your expensive carpeting.

Daily Vacuuming

Regular carpet vacuuming, especially in high traffic areas, removes dry soil and prevents it from grinding into fibers. A frequent spot check of all areas allows new spots to be treated quickly before they become permanent stains.

Interim Cleaning

Interim maintenance, such as low-moisture bonnet cleaning, will help your carpeting retain its like-new appearance longer and help improve performance. Interim cleaning is performed less frequently than daily, but should be planned often for high traffic areas. Triad works nicely for bonnet buffing, as well as a pre-spray spotter for high-traffic lanes.

Identify Your Stain 

Whenever possible, ID your spot or stain before attempting to remove it. Different stains require different chemicals and removal processes, so your success rate depends on an accurate identification of your stain.

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