What to Do When Your Hotel Experiences a Maintenance Emergency

Hotel maintenance and repair teams are among the most critical employees in a hotel. Without them, many crucial services would stop working and guest frustration would surely lead to a substantial drop in bookings. But hotel maintenance can also produce large costs for property management. Key features in any solution to a well-organized maintenance department include:

Making sure tasks get to the right person for the job.

Vitally important to any successful maintenance job dispatch system is the capability to automatically direct and assign responsibilities to the proper workers. The most qualified employee should make sure that maintenance servicing is done rapidly without disturbing the work of others.

Getting the message to staff.

Another priority for any good hotel maintenance solution is the ability to alert your facility’s workers to any job the instant it is created. With lots of programs that can dispatch assignments to maintenance teams via email, those that take speed to the next level can transmit job information to mobile devices via an app. This capability guarantees that your facility’s workers are always up-to-date on the latest tasks are no matter what.

Efficient job tracking.

With maintenance departments usually flooded with maintenance job requests and tasks, it is vital for a platform to be in place that can alert each worker to the current status of every assignment in real time.

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