How To Optimize Equipment Performance

In any commercial facility, productivity heavily relies on asset performance. Even the greatest staff cannot perform well with old, dilapidated, or inefficient equipment. That is why your MaintenX team is so integral to the rest of your staff. By maintaining facility machinery and basic systems, you can improve functionality across the board. 


An optimal maintenance strategy for equipment will: 


  • Improve reliability and reduce downtime
  • Without increasing costs or wasting maintenance staff time and resources


You want your preventative maintenance to reduce emergency repairs and improve asset performance, but going overboard can cost you more in maintenance than your asset is worth. In order to meet this perfect balance between affordability and efficacy, your maintenance team needs to focus on three core issues:


Balance maintenance cost with performance

Before creating a maintenance plan for your assets, you want to consider the life cycle cost (LCC) of that machinery. The LCC of an asset includes the cost of acquisition, maintenance, operation, and disposal. When calculated at the time of purchase, you can estimate when the cost of maintenance will reach the cost of acquisition. It is then that you should invest in new equipment instead of maintaining equipment that is costly to retain. 


Be mindful of maintenance program capabilities

Even the best maintenance plans can fall apart if your facility does not have the resources or manpower to follow through. MaintenX is highly regarded for our total facility repair and maintenance services, but we are not a full-time maintenance team. You do not want to create a maintenance plan that exceeds our availability or the size of your onsite janitorial staff. 


Create a proactive culture in your maintenance department.

Asset performance is only as good as the maintenance service provided for it. When the maintenance team feels empowered to make choices based on their experience rather than commands from the top, they can perform better and improve asset maintenance across the board. By trusting your MaintenX partners, you create a better working environment for all. 


MaintenX works hard to ensure that your HVAC, electrical, roofing, and plumbing systems are in peak condition and will last through the end of their service life. To learn more about how we help businesses achieve this, contact your local MaintenX team today.

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