How To Fix Roof Ponding

Flat roofing is most common in commercial buildings because it is sturdy, affordable, and ideal for roofing options like concrete. The larger the building, the more likely it is to have a flat top roof. While these roofing systems are ideal for most conditions, they retain water much more easily than a sloped roof. With no place for rain to runoff, your roofing may begin to pond which can lead to structural water damage. 

Options to Fix Ponding ASAP

If you are struggling with ponding on your flat-top roof, you have two options to fix it: 

  • Leveling your roof – There are products you can use to level your flat roof and prevent ponding in low/sloped areas. These leveling products are great options for DIYers looking for a simple solution to a small slope on their rooftop. 
  • Installing drains – Drain systems are ideal for flat roofs because they prevent ponding every single time it rains. These act similarly to the way a gutter does on a sloped roof and will ensure any low spots on the roof don’t develop ponding. 

When To Call A Professional For Help

Ponding can lead to structural issues such as ceiling staining, mold and mildew growth, and long-term water damage that can compromise the health and safety of your building. If this has happened as a result of ponding, you need to contact your MaintenX roofing contractor immediately. 

The MaintenX team can help you repair the water damage and renovate your roof to prevent future ponding issues. We also offer preventative maintenance services for roofing to ensure you don’t experience any issues due to water damage. 

If you’re interested in investing more in your roofing care, contact your local MaintenX today! We are happy to go over preventative care options tailored to your business needs. 

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