How To Handle Heating System Issues During The Winter

Heating systems are under intense pressure during the winter months. Depending on your location, you could experience cold spells through the springtime, or face a serious change in temperature for only a few months. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we weather a sudden change in temperature from late November to February. While the winter season does not last long, it often only takes a few weeks for peak low temperatures to arrive. This sudden change can put immense pressure on our clients’ heating units. 

To prevent major heating unit issues, look for these warning signs and know when to troubleshoot or call your MaintenX team. These common problems could be minor, but they could be signs of a major emergency repair: 

Issues with the thermostat.

If you notice a loss of heat in your facility, you may be tempted to blame the heating unit first. However, the problem could be as simple as a miscommunication between the thermostat and the unit itself. If a thermostat is not placed correctly, has low batteries, or is not signaling correctly, it could cause your facility to cool off more than it should. Before calling your MaintenX team about a broken heater, check the batteries in your thermostat and see if the issue is resolved.  

The unit is overcycling.

Your heating unit cycles periodically to ensure that your facility stays at the right temperature. However, overcycling may occur if you have a clogged air filter or thermostat issues. If your heating unit is overcycling, it will cause unnecessary wear and eventually lead to a breakdown. If you notice that your heater never seems to shut off, try changing the air filters and check your thermostat reading. If the problem persists, call your MaintenX team right away. 

You notice inconsistent temperatures.

If your system is cycling normally but changing temperatures far too soon, you could have an air leak in the facility, or suffering from poor insulation. Air leaks can be as minor as cracks in the walls or around doors and windows. They may be left undetected until the winter months arrive and you can’t keep your facility warm. If you notice this problem occurring frequently, you should contact your MaintenX team and schedule a caulking service. Using epoxy caulking agents, the MaintenX contractors can seal air leaks and prevent loss of insulation quickly. 

None of these issues are detrimental to your business, but if left unchecked, heating system issues can become major hassles. Contact your MaintenX team today to learn more about preventative maintenance and repair services in your area.