How To Handle Water Intrusion Quickly And Painlessly

Water intrusion is one of the most common problems we see at MaintenX. A leak in the roof or burst pipe can quickly lead to a partial or complete shutdown of your facility. If the ceiling is compromised or mold starts to grow, you can’t safely have employees or clients inside the building. This leads to loss of productivity that is detrimental to your business. 


If you are experiencing water intrusion, it’s important to follow these four steps to minimize damage and ensure you’re back in business ASAP. The sooner you begin repairs with MaintenX, the less constantly it will be for your facility. But, here’s what you need to do first:


Notify your insurance.

Your insurance company needs to know immediately the cause of the issue and how invasive the water problem is. Take pictures and provide a complete history of the problem. This will increase your chances of insurance covering some or all of the cost of repairs. 


Call MaintenX about drywall repair. 

You will most likely need to replace any drywall affected by the water intrusion, which can be costly if the leak is major. WHile you’ll need to repair the leak first, it’s wise to contact MaintenX about drywall replacement as soon as possible to get the repairs on schedule. 


Notify your MaintenX plumber.

If the water intrusion was caused by a plumbing leak, you need to call your MaintenX plumber immediately in order to stop the leak. Even a small one can lead to major water intrusion. The sooner your plumber arrives, the sooner you can stop further water damage and get to work on repairing the drywall. 


Dry out the room.

Run fans, A/C, or leave windows open (if it is cool and not humid outside) in order to increase circulation. This will minimize the likelihood of mold and mildew growth. Once mold or mildew starts to grow you’ll have to cut out more of the drywall. Even a plug-in fan can work to help dry out the area and reduce additional damages. 


Once you’ve followed these four steps, you can rest assured that your water intrusion problem will be a quick fix. To learn more about plumbing and roofing leak maintenance, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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