Why Janitorial Maintenance Is Essential For Employee Satisfaction

Trash cleaning, floor mopping, bathroom sanitization… the work of the janitorial staff is the hard labor that makes a commercial facility safe and healthy for others to use. This often thankless labor is obviously necessary, but it is not always seen as an integral part of a facility’s customer service or employee satisfaction. However, we at MaintenX understand the importance of janitorial work for our clients. 


Many of us don’t see janitorial staff or notice the hard work they do. However, after years of working alongside the janitorial staff of our clients, MaintenX has learned that they are key to the success of any commercial building. Our repair services help prepare you for the worst, but janitorial service is what curates a functional workspace on a daily basis.


Janitorial service helps to maintain employee health 

In the wake of COVID-19, janitorial services have increased to help stop the spread of disease. This has not only led to the minimization of COVID-19 cases but cases of cold and flu as well. Our janitors help us to reduce the spread of illness which cuts down on sick days. With the help of your MaintenX HVAC technicians who help keep your indoor air quality clean, the janitors are there to help every day to keep your employees healthy. 


A clean environment increases productivity

A clean environment at the start of the day is about more than just appearances. Tidy office spaces help employees to be more productive, especially those more orderly who are bothered by mess. When the office space looks neat and tidy, your employees can focus on the tasks at hand. It also helps to create a calming work environment for high-focus projects and assignments. 


Establishes company expectations

Most of us have likely worked at a company where the expectations were lax. It’s acceptable to call in unexpectedly, or leave a messy desk at the end of the day, or to not finish work on expected deadlines. These companies often had subpar cleanliness standards as well. In contrast, at a company where excellence is expected, the work is reflected in the appearance of the facility. When employees give their best, so does the management in keeping an office space that is clean and organized. If you want to raise the expectations of your company as a whole, start with janitorial maintenance. It makes a bigger difference than you think. 


Janitorial maintenance is a major contributor to company success. To learn more about regular maintenance and preventative care, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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