How To Prevent Potholes in Your Parking Lot

Your building’s parking lot is a major contributor to the curb appeal and first impression your business makes. If properly maintained, it can welcome customers and make them feel safe and secure. However, if your parking lot is dimly lit and full of potholes, you are sending a message to customers that you don’t take pride in your work.

Why Potholes Occur in Parking Lots

Most commercial parking lots are made of asphalt, which is incredibly susceptible to water damage. Rain and melting snow can penetrate the asphalt and cause it to expand, and eventually crack. This is even more likely in cold climates where melting snow can freeze and expand, causing even larger cracks when it melts again.

Potholes are dangerous to your patrons. When driving over them, they can cause damage to the vehicle frame or wheels. They are also an eyesore to customers and present an uncaring appearance to visitors. Therefore, it is essential that you prevent them throughout the year for your own sake as well as for your customers.

Pothole prevention can help save you money and improve curb appeal no matter what kind of business you operate. Follow these three steps to prevent potholes in your parking lot easily:

  • Schedule regular inspections – Inspect your parking lot every month or quarterly to ensure you catch cracks and other imperfections before they become bigger. This first step will help you save on extensive and expensive asphalt repairs.
  • Use a seal coating to prevent water and ice damage – When the snow melts and refreezes into ice, it’ll expand and make potholes worse. If you are in a cold climate, you can prevent this by using a seal coat to stop water from soaking into the asphalt. This prevents the ice from cracking the parking lot surface and causing potholes in the spring.
  • Invest in repair and maintenance – Preventative maintenance and minor repairs to the asphalt can prevent you from requiring major repairs to the parking lot in the future. Road construction is a hassle regardless of how large your parking lot is, especially if you’re operating a multi-tenant building. Invest in preventative sealing and repair before it becomes a bigger problem.

MaintenX can help you create an easy-to-follow parking lot maintenance plan for your business. We offer preventative care services and exterior repairs to ensure your storefront always looks its best. To learn more about asphalt repair and maintenance, contact us today.

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