How To Prevent Serious Onsite Injuries Through Routine Maintenance

At MaintenX, our goal is to provide effective preventative maintenance programs to all of our clients. Most clients implement these programs in order to save on costly repairs and reduce downtime. However, there is an even more crucial element to preventative maintenance that most facility managers overlook: safety. 

Preventative maintenance makes your facility a safer place to work. It prevents dangerous shutdowns and malfunctions that can lead to serious onsite injuries. This is the first and foremost reason for why we provide thorough preventative maintenance checks. Without this precaution, your employees or tenants may end up in trouble. 

Services such as fluid checks, replacement of old pipes, and gauge checks can not only save your equipment but can save those who operate it. Other maintenance tasks, such as HVAC and roofing maintenance, can help improve the health and safety of your facility overall. Below are just a few of the ways you can make your facility safer through preventative maintenance service: 

Roof and ceiling maintenance. 

Poorly maintained roofing can lead to dangerous circumstances in the event of a storm. Even sturdy roofing can develop leaks, cracks, or lose shingles in inclement weather. If your roof is not well-maintained, it could collapse if pushed beyond its limits by rain, wind, and falling debris. Invest in proper roofing maintenance to protect your employees and facility from storms. 

Leak and crack planning. 

Your walls, windows, plumbing, and facility equipment ages over time. When this happens, leaks and cracks in heavily used equipment are bound to occur, and as the facility manager, you should be prepared. Work with your maintenance team to create an immediate plan for preventing disaster due to leaks and cracks. And, if you start to notice wear and tear, contact your MaintenX team immediately. 

Maintain your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system doesn’t just keep your tenants comfortable inside. It provides a crucial service to your facility at all times: ventilation. Problems with HVAC systems may not result in immediate injury, but it can result in respiratory illness. Always follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for your HVAC system to prevent tenant or employee illness due to poor indoor air quality. 

If you need reliable, trustworthy preventative maintenance service, contact your local MaintenX team. We have over 40 years of experience working with local businesses to keep your facility safe and running efficiently year-round. 

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