Retrofitting Your Facility With Energy-Efficient Equipment

Facility upgrades are costly, no matter what. Even if they provide energy-efficient savings over time, the upfront costs of renovating or moving to a more advanced facility can be prohibitive. However, there are certain areas of existing facilities that can be retrofitted to save on upfront costs while including modern technologies in your operations. 

Before retrofitting your facility with energy-efficient appliances and equipment, it’s important to calculate the total cost of the upgrade. When you retrofit a facility that was designed to accommodate certain equipment, you may find additional expenses are incurred once you replace that equipment. Conducting a facility audit will help you better understand how all of the moving parts of your facility work together before replacing any old equipment.  

Fortunately, once you retrofit your facility, you will be able to see immediate energy and cost savings. Resources your business uses everyday — including water, sewage disposal, and electricity — incur costs that could be significantly decreased with an energy-efficient retrofit. This will make your business more sustainable both environmentally and economically. 

Energy-efficient upgrades can also earn you money back when you apply for government incentive programs and rebates. Many energy-efficient appliances and equipment qualify for these programs, putting extra money in your pocket for future investments. When you maximize these benefits and cost savings, you can easily pay for your retrofit in a matter of months. 

There are several ways in which you can easily and effectively retrofit your facility. One way is to upgrade the essentials, such as your plumbing and HVAC systems. HVAC units easily account for a third of some buildings’ energy consumption. By retrofitting with an energy-efficient air conditioning and heat pump system, you can reduce monthly energy costs which add up quickly. 

However, you need to audit and budget beforehand. Many older buildings are constructed around the original HVAC and plumbing systems. You can’t retrofit a facility like this without careful research and an understanding of your facility as a whole. This is where your local MaintenX team steps in. 

MaintenX can help you renovate your facility with expert consultation and installation services.

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