How To Prevent Water Contamination at Your Facility

If you’ve ever filled up your water bottle or washed your hands at a sink and found the water to be cloudy, you know how unsettling and potentially dangerous water contamination can be. Water contamination is an unfortunate part of life that happens as a result of pollution and is caused by a variety of factors. While some factors may be beyond your control, such as issues with the city’s water treatment plant, there are a few things that you can do in order to prevent water contamination at your facility.


Practice proper waste disposal.


Preventing water contamination begins with following the right protocols. Many instances of water contamination are the result of facilities, especially industrial and agricultural ones, failing to properly dispose of waste materials. When improperly disposed of, waste is more likely to end up in the water supply and contaminate it. Any industrial waste should be taken care of safely and according to industry guidelines. For regular employees, materials such as cooking fat, cleaning chemicals, medicine, and heavy paper products should be disposed of in the garbage and not down the drain.


Install your own water treatment equipment.


While you can’t control the water that enters your facility through city pipelines, you can control what happens to it when it does come in. Many facilities further clean the water piped in by installing filtration equipment, both at the pipeline level and on individual sinks and faucets. Even if you only install water filters in key areas, such as the water coolers that employees drink out of, it is better than having no filtration at all. Water softener systems are also a good idea, as they help mitigate water contaminants. Finally, facility equipment that is designed to reduce water usage will help the overall effort of water conservation and prevent contaminants from reaching employees and customers.


Preventing water contamination should be a goal in every facility for the sake of employee and customer safety. If you are looking to install new equipment or make modifications to those you already have, we at MaintenX are here to help. To learn how we can serve you in this way, as well as learn about our other areas of facility maintenance expertise, please call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


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