Preventative Maintenance Priorities for Healthcare

Devising and sticking to a preventative maintenance plan should be a priority for every facility manager. When undergoing this kind of maintenance, the goal is to perform smaller modifications and regular check ups over time in order to prevent major repairs and emergency situations from being necessary in the future. The practice of preventive maintenance is even more important in the healthcare field, where faulty equipment and failed systems could have major consequences for patients. As such, it should always be a priority for managers in healthcare facilities, with a few notable aspects to keep in mind.


Prioritize the right equipment.


The most important thing you can do for preventive maintenance in healthcare facilities is to focus on the right pieces of equipment. The exact pieces of equipment will depend on your exact type of healthcare facility, but you will want to prioritize parts that have a shorter life span or are in need of frequent lubrication or cleaning. Machinery that is more likely to break down should obviously be prioritized, as well as equipment that is vital to surgeries and intensive medical procedures. It is also important to perform the right kind of maintenance on all types of equipment and not cut corners or work with professionals who don’t know how to handle medical equipment.


Stick to a strict schedule.


Preventative maintenance is only effective when it is consistently practiced, which is why sticking to a strict schedule should be a priority for any healthcare facility manager. Maintenance on medical equipment needs to be performed at regular intervals, appropriate to the specific type of equipment, and should be performed effectively on those dates. Do not reschedule or procrastinate on preventative maintenance or it could cost the facility and patients who rely on the equipment.


At MaintenX, we have worked with many different companies in many different industries, including healthcare. We know how to best schedule and execute preventive maintenance plans, so you can rest assured knowing that your equipment and patients will be in good hands. To learn more about our facility maintenance services, please feel free to call us any time at (855) 751-0075.


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