How UV Lights Can Actually Improve Indoor Air Quality

When we think of ultraviolet light, typically we think of sunburns and black lights. It is a powerful energy source that has the potential to harm our skin, but has proven to be useful in applications such as lamps and other forms of incandescent lighting. Ultraviolet radiation also has several uses and applications in a commercial setting. 

One such use is that of sanitization. In the same way that UV light damages your skin if you’re out in the sun for too long, it can also damage the structure of bacteria and virus cells. For this reason, many hospitals and large commercial facilities use UV lighting as a form of germicide. UV “sanitizing lights” can also be used to kill mold in your HVAC system or other areas of your facility that are considered prone to mold growth. 

Most people don’t think about UV lighting as a source of bacteria and mold prevention, but it is becoming more commonplace outside the hospital setting. These lights can be installed in a variety of HVAC units, which helps to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the ductwork. Studies show that HVAC systems often host bacteria and viruses and can be a potential source of disease (known as sick building syndrome). By using UV lights in your HVAC ductwork, you can effectively prevent this circumstance and keep your building healthy. 

These measures can directly impact your indoor air quality at a time when building maintenance and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. In addition to the installation of UV lights, there are several steps you can take to achieve a cleaner, healthier building:

  • Cleaning your HVAC system from air filters to ductwork, preventing the circulation of bacteria throughout your building
  • Preventative checks on plumbing to reduce the chance of dangerous line breaks and sewer line issues
  • Roofing maintenance to prevent cracks and damage that lead to air leaks

Each of these steps will set your building up for success. However, if you want to learn more ways to disinfect your building and prevent bacteria or mold growth, contact your local MaintenX team. We specialize in total facilities repair and preventative maintenance. From HVAC maintenance to janitorial services and general contractor work, MaintenX is here to help you. 

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