Long-Term Facilities Planning After COVID-19

In many ways, COVID-19 has largely shaped the trajectory of 2020. Since early March, our nation has been taking drastic measures to respond to the pandemic. For the safety of the country and its citizens, many businesses have had to close their doors in favor of safe social distancing. And even then, millions have been affected. 

COVID-19 has also forever changed people’s perceptions of the public space and health standards for commercial facilities. What was once considered “business as usual” is no longer acceptable. In order for companies to address these new standards and effectively meet them, we need to think innovatively and respond. 

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, offices and commercial facilities had few OSHA guidelines for cleanliness, unless they were in the foodservice industry. However, times are changing as customers are now taking notice as to what businesses are doing when it comes to health and safety standards. Many office buildings are setting their own high standards for cleanliness, and are self-reporting to customers. This trend is likely to spread across the country as people demand more from their businesses, both large and small.  

As Florida enters its second round of closures, facilities need to take a harder look at their practices and see where they’re contributing to safety and health standards, and where they are lacking. The rise in cases across the state is largely due to unsafe social distancing inside commercial facilities, and those who have participated in unsafe practice should rethink their guidelines for the safety of their community. 

As you gear up to open at full capacity, ask yourself what you can do to prevent the spread of disease now and in the future. There may be ways in which you can more strictly enforce hand washing and social distancing at your facility. Or, perhaps there are maintenance issues you need to address, such as idle plumbing and HVAC systems that need maintenance before reopening. 

No matter how you decide to address these changes, MaintenX is here to help you. We provide comprehensive preventative maintenance services for businesses reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic. Our HVAC, plumbing, and other maintenance services can help you maintain a safe, healthy environment for staff and tenants alike. 

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