The Impact of Facilities Management on Business Performance

When you think of all the roles that a facility manager has— maintaining building operations, making repairs, and managing technicians— it’s easy to forget another important role they hold. Facility managers have a major impact on the business performance. Here are a few ways facility managers can affect your employees and bottom line:


The layout of an office or facility can contribute to the productivity of the space. The positioning of the equipment, desks or machinery is up to the facility manager and can affect production. For example, the location of the company printer can determine whether it is easy to access or only creates loud disturbances to nearby workers. The layout of a building or workspace has the potential to increase interactions between coworkers and management, not to mention increase the ease of daily tasks.


Natural sunlight has been known to have major impacts on people. Dark and dim spaces are not optimal for accomplishing work. Having a space with skylights or large windows to let in natural light can have a major impact on productivity. This can also help with energy costs since office lighting will not be as crucial on sunny days.


Facility managers can boost employee morale and productivity by making them more comfortable. A large portion of an employee’s comfort can be determined by the temperature of the space they are working in. By simply resetting the thermostat by a few degrees, productivity can change drastically.  


Facility managers are often responsible for keeping the office clean too. It’s no surprise that a dirty or dusty office space deters works for accomplishing tasks. A sparking office of facility encourages employees’ productivity and can have a big influence on business.

As you can see, facility managers play a very important role in creating a workplace culture that either helps or hinders productivity. The true role of these individuals is to create a space to help people accomplish success.