Increase Productivity by Decreasing Worker Fatigue

Growing pressure to not allow projects to fall behind schedule can lead to a frenzied and chaotic work schedule. Workers are doing their best to keep up the pace, but fatigue can make this not only impossible, but also dangerous.

The simple truth is that workers aren’t getting the amount of rest they need. This trend is also putting them at risk. Long commutes and lack of sleep lead to tiredness, which leads to increased rates of workplace accidents, health issues and more.

The Dangers of Fatigue

Fatigue usually results from mental or physical effort or from sleep disorders. Fatigue is scarily common, owing to factors like stress and sleep loss. A worker suffering from fatigue could experience reduced productivity, diminished decision-making ability and accuracy, irritability, anxiety, memory and concentration loss, confusion and exhaustion.

Not only will fatigued workers find it difficult to complete tasks, but they many find it difficult to pay attention to your facility’s safety rules.

Operational Cost

Regardless of the size of your company or facility, exhausted workers work more slowly, and this leads to missed deadlines. Proactive solutions are always cheaper than reactive ones.

Fatigue Prevention

Avoiding fatigue can be simpler than you may think. There are many programs to screen, test and treat workers suffering from fatigue. On the other side of this issue, employees should set aside time for between six and eight hours of sleep each night.