Tips for Getting Started with Green Leases

For facility managers and building owners who are unsure where to start with green leasing, a good first step is to evaluate relevant lease and commercial documents and compare them to the Green Lease Leaders recognition program metrics. If you’re not currently including sustainability-focused wording in your lease, the Green Lease Leaders criteria can be your guide.

Focusing on lease language may not sound cutting-edge, but the fact remains that it’s a smart vehicle for fostering a more engaged relationship between landlords and tenants that raises the starting point of the relationship. It adds enormous value by aligning main concerns and allows the acceptance of practices vital for supervision and for operating better-performing buildings.

Health and Wellness

Energy savings isn’t the only area that can be addressed by green leases. They can also incorporate health and wellness features by doing things like requiring indoor air quality plans during construction and adding measurement and verification tests for future tenants, as well as provisions for:

  • Green cleaning
  • Integrated pest management
  • Health-conscious material selection

Focusing on health and wellness policies, programs, and amenities can help building owners gain and retain tenants. A focus on health and wellness is not just a short-term fad in the industry. Thoughtful investment in people and their health brings long-term value to tenants and businesses by increasing productivity, fostering teamwork, and safeguarding a pleasant workplace environment.