Integrating Automation into Your Preventative Maintenance Plan

In today’s tech-fueled business culture, many companies are investing in equipment that can help automate their operations. From streamlined manufacturing to integrated IoT systems in office buildings, the process of automation is a complex but worthwhile one. This is especially true when it comes to facility maintenance automation.


Most of a facility’s maintenance services fall under the category of reactive or preventative maintenance. Reactive maintenance services are the issues you address after a failure has occurred. For example, reactive maintenance would include exterior repair services after a storm, or repairs when your HVAC system suddenly goes out. Preventative maintenance, on the other hand, is the type service you schedule in advance to avoid reactive repairs. Tune-ups, equipment cleaning services, and annual audits on equipment performance are all done to reduce unexpected failures. 


However, these services are all done solely by maintenance staff. Typically, preventative maintenance is scheduled by manufacturer recommendations and technician experience. This is where IoT automation can be useful in preparing a better preventative maintenance plan for your facility. 


Facilities use IoT sensors to collect data on individual facility equipment pieces and systems. Instead of guessing or using manufacturer recommendations to schedule preventative maintenance, your team can analyze that data to predict when repairs are actually needed. This reduces redundant preventative repairs, and can further reduce the likelihood of emergencies. There are a number of other benefits to IoT and cloud-based maintenance automation:


  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced emergency maintenance costs
  • Ability to extend the service life of critical assets
  • Increased system and facility performance
  • Greater efficiency in preventative maintenance planning year after year
  • Improve air quality by monitoring humidity, temperature, and presence of contaminants


Automation happens in stages. Begin with elements such as a smart thermostat or smart lighting, and move forward to more advanced monitoring as cost savings increase. If you invest little by little, you can save tremendously on maintenance expenses. The process of automation is one of the best steps you can take toward enhancing facility performance overall. 


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