Is Your Preventative Maintenance Plan Ready For Hurricane Season?

This past month marked the beginning of the hurricane season for coastal states across the southeast. From June to November, businesses and residents must be ever-watchful and prepared for the next storm. In Tampa, Florida, where MaintenX is headquartered, we take extra precautions with our clients to ensure their businesses are minimally impacted by hurricanes if possible. However, even the greatest precautions cannot fend off 160-mile winds and storm surges upward of 10 feet. 

Names like Irma, Harvey, and Michael strike a chord with the residents and businesses who were affected by hurricane destruction. We relate to these stories of struggle and make it a personal mission at MaintenX to protect businesses to the best of our ability. If your facility is located on the coast, there are several steps you should take to minimize risks during hurricane season. 

Install and maintain your backup generator.

Some facilities, such as those in medical industries, are required to have backup generators to prepare for power outages. However, it is wise for every large commercial facility to have a backup generator, so that when power outages occur, you can still conduct essential business. MaintenX can also provide long-term preventative maintenance to ensure your backup generator will last for decades of hurricane seasons. 

Protect your roofing.

During hurricanes, oftentimes the buildings with the most damage are those in which the roof has collapsed. While the wind will break windows and storm surge cause some flooding, the falling debris that collapses roofing will destroy a building faster than any other hurricane damage. The best way to prevent this is by maintaining your roofing year-round. 

Sandbags and window protection. 

If your roof is structurally sound, the next area to focus on is your windows and ground floor. If a hurricane is announced and heading toward your area, you will want to board up all windows to prevent broken glass and water damage on the interior of your facility. If your area is at high risk for storm surge, you may also want to place sandbags at the entrance of your facility to reduce water damage. Sandbags can also be used as support to keep outdoor materials from blowing away. 

Prepare for staff evacuations. 

If a hurricane is over a category 3, you will want to plan for evacuation of the staff several days before the storm arrives. This evacuation plan will include if and how you’ll continue operations, and how you’ll return to business as usual while residents return. 

MaintenX wants to help your facility prepare for the 2020 hurricane season. Contact us today to learn more about your emergency preparedness options and resources for hurricane prep.

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