How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Commercial Facility

Color plays a critical role in the perception of any space. Your color scheme may seem inconsequential in a commercial facility, but it can impact your staff performance, tenant satisfaction, and overall comfort inside your building. Choosing a dull white or gray because it is easy or cheap can be a big mistake depending on the goals and purpose of your space. 

The tone and warmth of your colors is possibly the most impactful element of color in a commercial facility. Warm colors inspire creativity and collaboration, and are ideal for shared workspaces or creative, energizing environments. Modern office and creative spaces can use warm, muted tones effectively to bring out the best in their staff. However, cool tones are effective in providing comfort, increasing concentration, and putting clients at ease. Spaces that are designed for individual work or areas of high-stress for clients (such as healthcare facilities or law offices) can use cool tones to put tenants at ease. 

Contrasting neutral cool colors with bright accents can achieve the best of both worlds if done with careful consideration. You don’t want colors that are too similar or that clash. And, as a rule of thumb, bright primary colors and highlighted tones should be used sparingly, as they can be jarring. However, experimenting with color can help you develop not just an optimal ambiance, but a company culture that furthers your business goals.  

The lighting in your facility should also be considered. If you have low lighting, choosing a cool or dark color could make your space feel dark, enclosing, or dreary. However, if you have plenty of light, a bright color may be too stimulating to the point of anxiety-provoking. The lighting available, as well as the activities taking place inside your facility, should factor into your paint choice. 

You may also be using color to color-code for operational procedures. Some industrial facilities rely on color-coding for streamlined operations. Choosing colors that stand out are essential. Primary colors are best used for color coding, but only if they are presented on a contrasting background. For example, using a primary red and yellow to color-code directions throughout a facility will only be effective if they are used on a white or another light, neutral background. 

Painting a facility is a critical first step in setting the tone for your business and furthering your goals. MaintenX can help you make the right choice in paint colors and offers affordable commercial painting services for facilities of all sizes. Contact us today to learn about our general contractor services in your area.

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