Janitorial Services And COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way all small businesses operate. From day-to-day operational practices to long-term sustainable planning, we see the world differently and are planning for the future differently. One of the biggest changes commercial facilities have seen is in their janitorial staffing and procedures. Businesses are prioritizing cleaning and maintenance above all else to reduce the chance of exposure to COVID-19 for their employees and customers. 


This reframing of priorities is both a day-to-day change and a long-term sustainable solution for many businesses. Customers are more aware of local business’ health standards, and are more concerned of these when they step foot into a facility or office space. A higher demand from janitorial staff has been set forth, and it’s time for facilities to incorporate this into their strategic planning. 


While many facilities are doing this just fine, there are some key takeaways from the coronavirus scare that facility managers should learn from. This is what we encourage all facility managers to do to ensure their janitorial programs are meeting higher standards: 


Prioritize maintenance worker health.

Make sure your maintenance workers are in good health and follow proper protocol in their janitorial duties. Excessive cleaning and sanitization will not be effective if your maintenance staff is overworked, or if they are not being tested regularly for the virus. Checking temperatures and sanitizing hands should be a top priority for everyone on your staff, but especially for your janitorial team. 


Increase your janitorial budget.

It is no surprise that your facility is going through more cleaning products than usual. It is important to plan accordingly, and reassess your maintenance budget to accommodate the extra demand. Your maintenance team knows what it’s like on the ground floor, so pay attention when they ask for funding for more supplies or better equipment. 


Look for innovative cleaning solutions. 

In the wake of COVID-19, many novel cleaning solutions have come to market for commercial disinfectant. If your facility deals with a lot of foot traffic, you may want to consider more expansive cleaning methods such as vapor sanitization and whole room disinfectants. These cleaning sprays sanitize an entire facility, and can even circulate through the HVAC system for a more complete clean. 


Don’t stop at sanitization. 

While modern sanitization methods are important, it’s also important to remember the basics. Have your HVAC system cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of viruses through the vents. Ensure your employees and maintenance staff are receiving proper training based on CDC guidelines, and schedule preventative maintenance on all systems to minimize other facility issues while you are under COVID-19 pressures. These small acts will make all the difference in maintaining a smooth-running facility. 


COVID-19 has caused permanent change in the business environment. But, you can make the choice to ensure these changes are positive long-term. For more information on how you can stay safe with janitorial maintenance, contact MaintenX today. 

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