Fire Safety Maintenance For Commercial Facilities

Fire safety is the responsibility of everyone at a place of business. From the property management to the individual employees, fire safety should be included in training and instilled in the minds of everyone present at the facility. As the facility manager, however, it is your job to ensure that maintenance of fire safety equipment is a top priority. 


A fire can cause severe disruption at your facility. In addition to property damage and potential injury, commercial facility fires can cause: 


  • Disruption of operations; downtime
  • Liability claims from adjacent properties
  • Loss of important documents
  • Loss of essential equipment
  • Reduced employee hours


Training your staff and tenants on proper fire safety is essential in maintaining a safe work environment. It can also reduce the effects of some of a fire, if the employees are able to safely evacuate, or in some cases stop the fire from spreading. However, you must also take preventative steps to reduce the chance of fire and maintain fire safety systems.


Fire safety maintenance should help you reduce the chance of fire, and ensure that if one occurs, all equipment is in working order. SOme of these maintenance tasks include: 


  • Controlling the use of smoking material and open flames
  • Electrical system preventative maintenance
  • Installation of fire-safe walls and doors
  • Maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems
  • Proper storage, use, and removal of special hazards and flammable liquid 
  • Maintenance of fire safety equipment such as detectors, alarms, and sprinkler systems


Some of these maintenance tasks should be carried out by a MaintenX professional. For example, proper maintenance of your electrical and fire safety systems needs the expert care of a trained electrician. If you schedule regular preventative checks with your MaintenX team you should never have to worry about malfunctioning alarms or commercial kitchen equipment. 


MaintenX believes in the importance of fire safety of all commercial buildings. To learn more, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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