Landscaping Options For An Outdoor Showroom

For some businesses, including boat, car, and RV dealerships, an outdoor showroom can offer more options and a better experience to customers. However, you want to ensure that your outdoor aesthetic appeal is on par with your indoor showroom and inventory. No one wants to buy an expensive vehicle at a business that looks rundown, unkempt, or otherwise cheap. 

In order to provide an exceptional customer experience in an outdoor showroom, you must invest in proper maintenance and landscaping. These elements will immediately upgrade your business to first-class for customers, and encourage sales more than ever before. Follow these simple tips from MaintenX for outdoor showroom style:

Include shade trees for customer comfort. 

During the summer months, your customers will want plenty of shade while they’re walking through the lot. Providing ample shade with intentional tree cover is one of the easiest and affordable ways to offer that comfort to visitors. However, this will require more outdoor maintenance, as the increase of falling leaves and tree-living animals will require more inventory cleaning and protection. 

Focus on the area near your storefront. 

When customers first arrive, they will likely look inside for a salesperson before browsing the lot. Because of this, your storefront’s appearance matters a lot. Your storefront is the place to focus on flowers, water features, and other aesthetic landscape elements. These will make a great first impression for anyone looking to buy. 

Choose grass wisely. 

While natural grass might be cheaper upfront, if you’re not willing to maintain it, it will look poor later on. Artificial turf does require maintenance to prevent pests, but it will look evergreen and doesn’t require watering. Depending on your landscaping budget, artificial turf may be a good option for you. However, with proper landscaping services there is no reason you can’t have natural grass if you prefer the look. 

Shop for native plants. 

Choosing native plants will make it easier to maintain your landscaping yourself. While the help from a professional landscaping service is often required for small businesses, choosing plants that will naturally thrive in your area will make it easier to keep your storefront looking lush. Ask your landscaping service for recommendations

Choose bug and bee-resistant flowers. 

Bugs are an immediate turn-off to potential buyers. And, if too many bees are present, they can pose risks to your clients and staff. One of the easiest ways to prevent pests is by choosing plants that deter them from your lot. Sansevieria, bromeliads, and Dracaena are pest-resistant and look great in outdoor landscapes. Red dianthus, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and fuscia do not attract bees. 

There is no reason your outdoor storefront can’t be the talk of the town with some smart landscaping and maintenance services. MaintenX specializes in outdoor maintenance and landscaping services for business in 13 different states. If you’re interested in what MaintenX has to offer, contact us today.